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    Imagining The Perfect Virtual Learning Environment

    On July 28th educators, technologists and other professionals came to together to imagine the future of education.  Participants started by outlining parameters.  They asked themselves questions like, “What might be all the different student demographics?” “Through what mediums can education happen?” and “What might be the various durations a session may last?”

    Next participants split up into small teams and choose a set of parameters for which to design their virtual learning environment.  The ideas that came out were phenomenal!  Some decided to teach “know-it-alls” martial arts through an online multi-player gaming platform.  Another group focused on how to assess learning style/preference in an engaging way.  MoshMind (patent pending…) was another design which combined meditation and mobile technologies.  The ideas were highly elaborate and original.

    The education system is facing some challenges and plenty of flack, but judging from the ideas that came out of these collaborations the horizon is bright.

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    Posted: 3 years ago
  2. July 28th - Imagining the Perfect Virtual Learning Environment

    Innovation in Education

    Innovation Bound is hosting a Think Tank Event!  Join Educators, Students, and Innovators in imagining the perfect virtual learning environment. Professional facilitators will push our imaginations to their limits and beyond in an effort to create truly original ideas and valuable thought leadership.  Join to learn, network, and make an impact!

    • Thought Leadership (New ideas that drive change) - Cultivate your creative capacity and learn to generate truly original ideas!
    • Networking (Making new friends)  - Meet professionals passionate about the future of education, and meet individuals innovating in education today!
    • A Real-World Challenge (This is not a simulation) - The amount of online courses being taught today are growing fast.  Help influence the way they change!

    The workshop is open, free and everyone is welcome.  Educators, Students, Administrators, and Mobile/Web Technologists stand to gain the most from the workshop, and add real value to the creative process.

    *Disclaimer:  The workshop will be filmed and photographed.  By attending, you are consenting to any use of the footage and photos which may include you.

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    Posted: 3 years ago