1. Foundations of Innovation

    The Heartbeat of Creativity, Innovation Process, and Creative Style

    Innovation Bound is hosting an Open Innovation Training Session.  As the pace of change in the world quickens, innovation skills become more and more vital to survival.  Innovative results often manifest on the organizational level, but innovation, like other organizational functions, is driven by individuals.

    Join us (Tuesday, September 13th 6:30pm to 8:30pm) to discover your creative style, learn about the innovation process, and meet other thought leaders and innovators! Much of the material we teach has been validated by over 50 years of academic research and practice.  We believe it will have value for you in your profession and in life beyond work.

    • The Heartbeat of Creativity - Learn about Divergence and Convergence, how to generate more novel ideas, and how to make choices that retain novelty.
    • The Innovation Process  - Learn about the process of Innovation: Clarification, Ideation, Development, and Implementation.
    • Your Creative Style - Everyone is creative, often in different ways. Learn about your preferences and strengths and how to further develop them.

    The workshop is open, free and everyone is welcome. You can RSVP anyplace listed below.  We look forward to seeing you!

    *Disclaimer:  The workshop will be filmed and photographed.  By attending, you are consenting to any use of the footage and photos which may include you.

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