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    Searching for Creativity

    An Innovation Scavenger Hunt in Central Park

    "Wow, look what they’re using for a goal post."

    "Is Nature creative?"

    "Check out those giants bubbles!"

    On August 21st 2012, 15 New Yorkers gathered in Central Park and set out to search for innovation. Stavros gave some structure to our search by explaining The Four P’s (People, Process, Press, Product), a framework for studying creativity developed by Mel Rhodes.

    With smart phone in hand, and twitter in the cloud, our teams set out. We snapped our first few pictures: An elegant bit of architecture, yoga, some musicians, and before long we started to get some really interesting photos of creativity at work: A flower blooming, a girl lying down in a tree, roller hockey players using a tipped over traffic cone as a goal. Even one of those little helicopter-like seed pods struck us as nature being creative.

    surrounds us

    After our scavenger hunt, we gathered around a picnic on the grass. We shared the photos we’d taken with one another, and got caught up in tasty food and philosophical debate. Hope you’ll join us next time!

    If we open our eyes to it, we’ll notice that creativity is all around us, and if we open our minds to it, perhaps we may even find some inspiration.

    To see the full stream check out #InnovationBound on twitter.

    For info on future events, check out our Facebook Page or our Meetup Group.

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    Posted: 2 years ago